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Chartered High Tech

08 Mar 2018 ContinUse Biometrics raises $20 million in Series B funding
25 Apr 2018 TAU announces early-stage funding for students and graduates
01 Jun 2018 シリコンバレーの源流「イスラエル」企業と日本企業の親和性
31 Jan 2019 Most Active Funds in 2018
27 Feb 2019 Zsquare Secures $10m for Its Groundbreaking 0.45mm Fiber, High-res, Single-use Imaging Endoscope
06 Mar 2019 Trobix Bio – A new company launched to tackle antimicrobial resistance
19 Mar 2019 TAU Momentum Fund with another spin off company – QArt Medical finalises round of venture investment

Chartered Opus

21 Mar  2018 Microsoft helps launch world’s first blockchain-based investment product
6 Mar  2019 With Creativity to the Perfect Solution | Chartered Opus – A Special Connection

Japan Financial Solutions Co., Ltd

2018 資金と技術の両面から 日本の企業を力強くサポート

Kyoto Resorts Co., Ltd

05 Feb 2019 Billionaires, Luxury Hotels Discover Japan’s Aspen
05 Feb 2019 京都洛北に残された密やかな「庭」に『アマン京都』2019年11月1日開業 
05 Mar 2019 Best new Hotels Around the World for 2019

LIXX Index Innovation

06 Dec  2018 Cannabis Total Opportunity Index

Matsumidori Sake Brewery

24 Nov 2017 Rokkon Tiger Eye is awarded a Gold Medal
28 Feb 2018 Rokkon awarded Premier Gold Medal at Sake Times 2018 Wineglass Sake Competition