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14 Sep 2021 【InnerPlant】InnerPlant September Newsletter
1 Sep 2021 【FORTELLIX】Foretellix raises $32 million for autonomous vehicle testing platform
17 Aug 2021 【CASTOR】CASTOR secures $3.5 million Seed funding led by Xerox
7 Jul 2021 【Medorion】Medorion raises $6 million for its health insurer platform
10 June 2021 【Medorion】Israeli Startup Medorion Provides Top Ten U.S. Health Insurers Unrivaled Level of Member Understanding with Comprehensive Behavioral Intelligence Tools 
19 May 2021 【ContinUse Biometrics】CU-BX, an Innovative Technology Start-Up, and Continental Kick-Off Collaboration for Automotive Contact-Free Occupant Health and Well-Being Detection 
11 May 2021 【Xtend】Pentagon chooses Israeli drone for Special Forces 
15 Apr 2021 【Cyabra】 Cyabra Announces New Agency Partnership with TBWA-Brazil 
7 Apr 2021 【ContinUse Biometrics (Donisi Health)】Donisi Scores FDA Clearance for Contact-Free Health Detection System 
2 Apr 2021 【Cyabra】 COVID-19 pandemic leaves the healthcare industry a target for fake news 
26 Mar 2021 【Pepticom】Spring Newsletter 
26 Mar 2021 【myAir】Latest company news: Expanding to B2B2C, Winner of 2021 Israeli Export Institute, Stress relief impact in the USA, Finalist at P&G Venture Innovation Challenge 
19 Mar 2021 【InnerPlant】 InnerPlant updates – Introduction of InnerSoy, new InnerPlant Advisor and more! 
9 Mar 2021 【Pepticom】Pepticom raises $2.6 million for PeptiCov, spin-off company combatting Covid-19 
4 Mar 2021 【myAir】Garmin Wearables and myAir Surveys Reveal Stress Reduction by 73% and Improvement of Sleep Quality by 84% (Japanese only) 
3 Mar 2021 【Cyabra】Combatting Disinformation: Why Your Brand Needs to Understand Its Audience 
2 Mar 2021 【TAU Ventures】VCing the future? Early-stage start-up hunters share their secrets 
22 Feb 2021 【Zsquare】ZSQUARE Recapping 2020 A Year in Review 
12 Feb 2021 【Cyabra】IMPROVATE Cyber Security 2021 Conference –
Interview of CEO and Co-Founder Dan Brahmy
17 Feb 2021 【hoopo】Hoopo & KONOIKE Group Bring GSE Visibility to Kansai International Airport 
19 Jan 2021 【QART Medical】Quantitative Interferometric Sperm Imager Demo “Seeing the Unseen” 
14 Jan 2021 【swimm】Pintango invests in startup of former Talpiot commander 
14 Jan 2021 【swimm】Swimm helps developers share knowledge and understand each other’s code 
19 Nov 2020 【InnerEye】Macnica offers first solutions for the BrainTech market 
16 Nov 2020 【Trobix Bio】Trobix Bio Selected as a Top 100 Global Startup of SLINGSHOT 2020 
7 Oct 2020 【InnerPlant】InnerTomato Living Sensor Plant Heralds the End of Pesticides 
7 Oct 2020 【Zsquare】Medtech Outlook ZSQUARE Seeing The Invinsible:
High Performance, Single Use Endoscopy 
6 Oct 2020 【InnerPlant】InnerPlant Named a Finalist in $3 Million Grow-NY Business Competition 
6 Oct 2020 【CASTOR】 #3Dstartup: CASTOR on unlocking the benefits of industrial 3D printing 
6 Oct 2020 【Xtend】U.S. Military tests Israeli VR-controlled Drone-intercepting Drones 
5 Aug 2020 【Innerplant】Forbes – It’s Time To Start Talking To Plants 
30 July 2020 【Trobix Bio】Trobix Bio completed Series A funding by a leading Japanese/Singapore fund 
28 July 2020 【Cyabra】Cyabra Launches New Era in Fight Against Disinformation and Deepfakes 
7 July 2020 【Zsquare】Red Dot Design Award 2020 Winner 
6 July 2020 【Trobix Bio】Trobix Bio Selected as a “One to Watch” in This Year’s Spinoff Prize 
22 May 2020 【QART Medical】Improving IVF Treatments by Imaging Sperm Cells 
18 May 2020 【MAFAT】Chartered’s collaboration with MAFAT published in Monthly Newsletter issued by Embassy of Japan in Israel 
4 May 2020 【hoopo】hoopo Launches Mobile Access Points creating infrastructure for GSE tracking  
22-23 Apr 2020 【Webinar】Chartered Israel High Tech Conference
17 Apr 2020 【MAFAT】Press Release – Chartered Group and MAFAT mark a major milestone between Japan and Israel, with corporate Japan gaining access to advanced Israeli technology
18 Mar 2020 【Zsquare】Zsquare wins Silver 2020 Edison Award for its revolutionary ultra-thin, flexible, high-resolution single-use endoscope
10 Feb 2020 【hoopo】Using asset visibility technology to improve airport ground operations
10 Feb 2020 【SolCold】This Startup Harnesses the Power of the Sun to Make Things Cool
3 Feb 2020 【Cyabra】The technology that could save us from deepfake videos
21 Nov 2019 【InnerEye】Collaboration with Pasona JOBHUB (Japanese only)
15 Nov 2019 【SolCold】HAARETZ – Israeli Startup Seeks to Cool Your Home Using Sunlight
28 Oct 2019 【SolCold】TheMarker – Forget About the Air Conditioner: Israeli Development Cools Down the House With the Help of the Sun
25 Oct 2019 【Pepticom】The Jerusalem Post – Israeli AI Start-up Pepticom Receives $5M in Series A Funding
1 Oct 2019 【ContinUse Biometrics】Winner of Plug and Play Japan Summer / Fall Summit 2019 Mobility EXPO
18 Sep 2019 【InnerEye】Exhibit at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya 2019 “Brain-In-The-Loop For Automotive Artificial Intelligence Applications” (PDF) 
12 Sep 2019 【ContinUse Biometrics】CBINSIGHTS – From Drug R&D To Diagnostics: ContinUse among 90+ Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare
5 Aug 2019 【ArcusTeam / Xtend】ArcusTeam and Xtend among companies selected to participate in THE PITCH 2019 competition finals
15 Jul 2019 【InnerEye】European Civil Aviation Conference – Technology for aviation security: innovation to improve the passenger experience
3 Jul 2019 【Cyabra】TheMarker – Cyabra selected as one of 20 hottest startups in Israel (Hebrew only)
25 Jun 2019 【Trip Junction】Forbes Japan – Interview of Trip Junction CEO and Co-Founder Miho Beck (Japanese only)
11 Jun 2019 【ContinUse Biometrics】NHK News Web – Preventing accidents for elderly drivers, Israel competing for new technology ideas (Japanese only)
4 Jun 2019 【hoopo】Israeli geolocation co hoopo raises $3.5m
11 Apr 2019 【InnerEye】Image identification system based on electroencephalogram (EEG) developed in Israel, efficient AI learning for image recognition (Japanese only)
19 Mar 2019 【QART Medical】TAU Momentum Fund with another spin off company – QART Medical finalizes round of venture investment
06 Mar 2019 【Trobix Bio】A new company launched to tackle antimicrobial resistance
27 Feb 2019 【Zsquare】Press Release: Zsquare Secures $10m for Its Groundbreaking 0.45mm Fiber, High-res, Single-use Imaging Endoscope
31 Jan 2019 【TAU Ventures】 Selected by IVC Research Center as one of the Most Active Funds in 2018
01 Jun 2018 【Chartered Investment Managers】Featured in June 2018 edition of monthly newsletter issued by Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore (Japanese only)
25 Apr 2018 【TAU Ventures】TAU announces early-stage funding for students and graduates
08 Mar 2018 【ContinUse Biometrics】Press Release: ContinUse Biometrics raises $20 million in Series B funding