Background of the Alliance

Historically military budgets exceeded civil R&D budgets, technology needs also differed quite a lot. Today’s military-developed technologies are being used more and more in our daily life. AI, ML, cyber, robotics, to mention few, are in dual-use needs for both worlds. Today corporates R&D and their access to capital markets creates challenge to military spending as corporates R&D can be used.

As Chartered is committed to investing in these disruptive technologies that will help humanity in wellbeing – sourcing some of those revolution technologies for dual-use is game changer. We believe that the overlapping areas of “dual-use technologies” are having a significant innovation impact on the overall market, and are actually producing significant results for investors. The cooperation with Mafat translate such opportunity to actual business and Chartered positioned itself on the edge of such activity.

Dual Use

Examples of civilian diversion of military technology (Dual use technology)

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