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We’re serious about money – especially your money, so you can trust us to become a reliable partner in helping you navigate the new investment landscape. We’re committed to ensuring that, as an institutional or individual investor, you can build a financial future from our comprehensive range of products and services designed to enhance your financial wealth.

With our deep local expertise and access to exclusive resources worldwide, we can customise an innovative portfolio of assets that will align with your evolving investment objectives and help you achieve the best investment outcomes for your financial plans.

Whether you’re seeking funding facilities’, tailor-made structured products, investment portfolio management or investment advisory, rest assured we’ll look after your distinct long-term capital objectives as if they were our own, wherever you are in the world.

So, how do we get you such strong investment results? Simple, we:

  • Analyze and research the markets daily
  • Create a clear investment process
  • Establish a transparent risk management framework that protects your portfolio and takes sustainability criteria into account
  • Focus on good stewardship

Discover each of our investment companies below:

Credit Facilities, Distressed and Structured Credit, Debt Management and Personal Loans

Providing the most suitable solutions to help you and your business generate extraordinary returns is what we pride ourselves on. Experts in credit and lending services, we offer a host of innovative financial solutions, from personal loans to credit facilities for your private wealth or expanding business.

With our extensive experience, we guarantee you a comprehensive long-term wealth plan – one with tailored financing solutions generating liquidity without disrupting your wealth management strategy or long-term goals.

If you’re the founder of an emerging small or medium-sized business with high growth potential but are limited by a lack of access to capital, this is where we come in. Your ambitious value propositions and innovations deserve the essential capital required to overcome your liquidity challenges and extend your runway for growth. Whether your ambitious expansion plans simply need a capital injection or to fund a merger or acquisition, we’ll leverage a full spectrum of flexible finance and structure investment options to meet your needs.

Discover each of our investment companies below:

Real Estate, Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Lifestyle and wellbeing are the focus of future hospitality with trade. Having identified this trend, Chartered Group created an attractive above-industry risk-adjusted return in the real estate and hospitality market. Our unique portfolio focuses on Asia, with leading investment growth opportunities in Japan and Thailand.


As a premier real-estate developer, we provide a strategic and innovative approach to wellbeing with our hospitality investment platform that offers exciting opportunities for your money. Our portfolio includes tour operators, a ski resort, beachfront hotel, exclusive property developments and even a Sake brewery!


Discover each of our investment companies below:




As much as we might want to resist, we’re all getting older. And as our ageing population continues to rise, it’s causing one of the most significant social, economic and political transformations of our time.

This accelerating ageing population is changing our whole way of life, and with it bringing attractive investible opportunities for you to capitalise on. And it’s not just in healthcare; the economic implications of longevity expand to healthy living, beauty and fitness, travel, and entertainment. So, as an investor, it represents a multi-decade growth opportunity.

We invest in companies that focus on

  • Silver Spending
  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Digital Health


Daily, we see and experience robotics and automation changing our lives. Technological developments such as Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) influence every aspect of how we, and future generations, live and work. And with rapid advances, the scope of deployment for robotics and automation is increasing, bringing greater efficiency and long term investment potential.

At Chartered Technology, we identify global companies with a high revenue association and superior growth in robotics, automation and enabling technologies. This means we’ve been able to establish a diversified index that includes best-of-breed companies driving the robotics and automation revolution – and providing you with the most significant and exciting opportunities for investment.

We invest in companies that focus on

  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cyber Security


As we witness the rise of the global middle class, we also see the huge uplift it’s causing in the developing world. With more money in their pockets from economic prosperity, consumer consumption patterns are moving from basic needs towards more aspirational purchases, causing homes, cities and countries to transform.

With these transitional changes come attractive investment opportunities. At Chartered Technology, we facilitate investors seeking capital growth from those companies supporting changes in societal consumption patterns.  Examples include everything from healthcare companies providing easier access to medicines to infrastructure projects connecting people and societies.

We invest in companies that focus on:

  • Urbanisation
  • Basic Needs
  • Social Mobility


We’re all leaning towards a digital life as we spend increasingly more time connected at home, at work and when we’re on the move. The way we’re interacting with brands and each other, whether it’s online shopping, smart homes, mobile bank payments and telemedicine, for example, is ever-changing. We are now consuming and interacting with vast amounts of digital content every day.

Therefore, with businesses having to evolve to keep pace with changing consumer demand, they need to employ the latest technological advancements. As a savvy investor seeking long-term growth, this sector represents a significant investment opportunity for you.

We invest in companies that focus on:

  • E-commerce
  • Software & Sound
  • AI and analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech



With our world facing significant environmental, societal, technological and political challenges, we all understand the importance of sustainability for the long-term survival of humankind. Today, responsible investors are changing the investment landscape by seeking to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their investment portfolio. This rising need for genuine, economically viable cleantech solutions that address global challenges and generate sustainable value creates attractive investment and growth opportunities.

If you’re an investor who genuinely cares about the environment or just wish to capitalise on the financial prospects in the clean technology and renewable energy sector, check out Chartered Technology’s progressive portfolio for pioneering investment opportunities.

We invest in companies that focus on:

  • Clean Energy
  • Smart Grid
  • Sustainable Resources
  • Agritech